Are You a Morning, Day or Evening Exerciser?

I exercise in the morning.

"Moon" by beccapuglisi/WANA Commons
“Moon” by beccapuglisi/WANA Commons

For many reasons, it just suits me better. But I realize everyone’s schedule is different… when or if they go into a JOB, time allotted to bathe after a sweaty exercise, a person’s energy level in the morning versus evening, other activities that can interfere with exercising, making/eating/cleaning up after meals and if that conflicts with exercising, lots of life stuff going on.

I’m up very early in the morning. Some of you will flip out at this, but at 4:15 my alarm goes off. And then a long list of early morning to-do’s ensues, including eating. And yes, I do eat before I exercise, and have never puked or felt horrible from doing this. I’m starving in the mornings and there’s no way I’m going to exercise first and then eat.

Most people will likely workout in the mornings… otherwise it just doesn’t get done, as we get so involved in other chores throughout the day.


I love pizza. And I’m going to eat it.

Hi everybody! This is my first post on my Get Up and Exercise blog/website.

I have several other sites, but THIS one I’m gonna let it all hang out. You know, be myself, open up, not worry about pulling off a professional air. I imagine you’re wondering, “Well, what other sites does she have? And how come she’s isn’t talking about PIZZA yet?”

I’m getting there.

First, my other sites fall under the business category:

Author site: I write young adult, paranormal thrillers.

Cat care site:

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And on to drooling over pizza. I really love pizza. Supreme, pepperoni, cheese, meat lovers, veggie lovers, sausage… Just don’t put pineapple or chicken on it. That seems unnatural. I eat pizza 1 – 2 times weekly. And no one is going to take away my pizza. I exercise 5 days a week and otherwise try to eat healthy. Oh…but pizza is healthy, right? I mean, look at all those veggies…and stuff. Thin crust is my fave, so it’s not as if I’m chowing on a thick wad of dough. 


But I guess eating 4 – 6 pieces ends up raking in a ton of calories. That sucks. And I don’t care. Because I’m still going to eat it anyway. And feel stuffed afterwards like I’m about to explode the yummy, spicy goodness all over the walls.

This blog is about how REAL people eat and exercise. And I want to make clear that I don’t suggest eating pizza daily, or pigging out then exercising till you collapse in pain and exhaustion.

The idea is to eat healthy – the majority of the time. But don’t feel guilty or be mad at yourself if you have an ice cream, cookies, pasta, fried chicken, chocolate, pizza, whatever that’s calorie-ridden and perhaps not-so-healthy, a few times a week. If you don’t indulge once in a while, you WILL have major setbacks and end up hating all that super healthy food.

I encourage exercising 3 – 5 times a week. Just GET UP AND EXERCISE… somehow, somewhere, by yourself, with a group, indoors, outdoors, with or without equipment, with or without visual aids (DVDs, TV workouts), with your dog (or cat), while watching favorite TV shows, while reading your ereader as you walk on the treadmill (but carefully), morning, noon, night, JUST DO SOMETHING!!


The fewer days you exercise per week, the longer those workouts should be…as in 1 hour up to 1 1/2 hours each (since you’re only getting in 3 days).

The more days you exercise per week, the workouts can be 25 minutes to 1 hour each.

That’s only my suggestions. I’m NOT A DOCTOR or any kind of licensed health care professional. So there. I’ve covered my ass.

The BIG thing with exercising… do exercises you like or at least don’t hate. Don’t kill yourself trying to get through the routines. Don’t injure yourself. Don’t make the exercises or the times you do them inconvenient. And just like with being too strict on eating, if you start despising your workouts or dread the super-strenuous routines, you WILL have setbacks or give up exercising.

I exercise and have almost all of my adult life. I usually get in 5 days every week, at 30 – 60 minutes per workout. Future posts will go into greater detail about WHAT I do.

I eat very healthy breakfasts and lunches. My suppers (or dinners as some call it) are average on the healthy scale. Some are incredibly healthy, some neutral, some not so great (especially when we go out to eat). I sometimes eat snacks throughout the day – but they are healthy and low cal. Future posts will go into greater detail about WHAT I eat.

I am not over-weight. I am not skinny. I am considered thin, but could stand to lose 10 pounds. And I haven’t been able to really do that and maintain that 10 pound loss for many, many years. And I’m okay with that. Sure, I’d love to lose those 10 pounds but it’s not like I keep gaining more weight every year. I don’t. I’ve maintained the weight that I currently am at for years. Now if it was 20 pounds+, I’d be making serious changes.

And so, as I wrap this up, I will restate: I love pizza. And I’m going to eat it. I’m a REAL person and want to show people that you can exercise without hating it, and that you can eat healthier and still enjoy (in moderation) the foods you love.

Will you join me for a slice or two of pizza? Stop by and say hi!

That is all…

Fitness…in the real world. Keep it simple…or else you'll hate it.

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